The Bridge to Achievement

The Bridge to Achievement, BTA, is Mem-ExSpan’s flagship product. The BTA provides a 5-gen researched and validated, supplemental educational/training program that accelerates learning by teaching rapid sequencing of information basic to all academic and procedural learning. The BTA was originally designed as a Response to Intervention (RTI) tool for students with learning disabilities but was found to advance all students with a range of learning challenges including the gifted and talented.

The BTA is presented in an engaging, online format using interactive puppetry, arts, and media.  E - courses can be accomplished in a 26 day format and delivered in 30 min daily lessons.  The training modules are presented in a Game Playbook format, of Warm-ups (10 - 12 min), Games (13 min), and Cool-Downs (3 min).  The lessons utilize the underpinnings of learning:  visual and auditory (listening) sequential/coding memory spans.  This mental code-span building leads to improved conceptualization, which is the foundation of all learning including technical information.

Students receive pre and post assessments to measure progress. The program is most effective when students take the course in a blended e-learning format where students participate in small group interactive activities that reinforce learning.  The BTA is ideal for in‐class Einstein club practice, and for after school or summer auxiliary programs.  Wide demographic groups age 9 ‐ adult participated in the research making this product viable for users of all ages.   Mem-ExSpan’s customers are learners in grades 4 ‐ adults desiring new work skills learning.

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Future products include additional mini-game apps for smart phones, and an accompanying e-book for parents.




Evidence-Based instruction for high academic achievement