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bigstock-Six-Students-Standing-Outside--3917391Mem-ExSpan memspanTM is an educational Executive Function (EF) enhancement technology company that offers a deeply researched and validated supplemental learning tool to enhance learning uptake through coding and the sequencing of information.  Mem-ExSpan's TM products use non-traditional art, music, and science learning methods to help learners rapidly accelerate learning and processing speed so that they can be ahead, and go beyond, with their peer group applying The Bridge to Achievement (BTA).TM Mem-ExSpan's flagship product, is designed for students ages 9 - adult. Mem-ExSpan, memspan, TM uses proven learning sciences to teach the rapid sequencing, coding of information for learning and conceptualizing technical information for increased student achievement, closing learning gaps 3 - 4 years in just 26 days of application, 28-30 minutes daily.



Jan Kuyper Erland

CEO, Founder, and BTA Curriculum Researcher and Developer

Jan Kuyper Erland has three decades of experience as an education intervention and technology consultant, learning disabilities specialist, program content developer, speaker, evaluator, researcher and writer for Mem-ExSpan, Inc.  As a learning disability teacher, and full educator of all learning grades, levels, Jan researched and validated the cognitive skills interactive arts and media deep learning, program, Bridge to Achievement,TM as a learning system for all individuals and ability levels, ages 9 to adult.

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Board of Advisors

Christina Erland Culver

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Christina Erland Culver is a strategic consultant to the education technology industry with expertise in federal and state regulation and policy that impacts product sales and growth. She advises foundations on grant making to advance innovation and technology in the classroom. She served as Acting Assistant Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs at the U.S. Department of Education from 2003-2006. She co-authored the book, Virtual Schooling: A Guide to Optimizing Your Child’s Education.


Storm Nickerson

Storm Nickerson has over 20 years of experience in the financial community, including various roles at Swiss Bank Corp and Citigroup. He has worked as both a principal and advisor to multiple start-up companies. He is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Business School and is currently a Director at EAH Management, a privately held investment firm.



bigstock-Idea-Concept-42517144Mem‐ExSpan, memspanTM was founded by Jan Kuyper Erland in 1981, one of the nation’s leading experts on teaching methodologies for children and adults who have not responded to traditional in‐classroom practices. The company’s signature product, Bridge to Achievement (BTA) TM offers students the opportunity to accelerate their learning process by using non‐traditional methods.

As a result of 40 years of intense published research, Jan developed “Span Power, Parallel Thinking” which incorporates a variety of unique tools, including interactive puppet task masters and contrapuntal, parallel scanning rehearsal instruction. As student memory span increases, a user‐friendly environment is created and learning becomes exciting as well as emotionally addictive. Learning devices such as puppet voices and faces teach a chunking and coding rehearsal system, which creates learning automaticity of step‐wise procedures, a crucial element in following basic academic instructions, including test‐taking and learning new technologies. Jan has worked with students ages 9- adult to rapidly improve their working memory and cognitive skills leading to college and career success beyond these students’ dreams when they first discovered a rapid acceleration process. The BTA TM is designed to augment blended classroom learning during the workplace/school day, or home online learning through Mem-ExSpan, memspan's TM fast, solid, training.



Evidenced-Based instruction for high academic achievement